To Our Customers:

We are gratified to hear our users refer to Econo Check as the “Building of Dimensional Checking.” This was our concept when designing this system of comparative measurement.

You will agree that fixtures are difficult to attach to surface plates with “C-clamps”. Our solution was to simply drill and tap a number of holes in our surface plates at covenient locations.

A checking unit was needed that would accommodate more than a single dial indicator. Econo-Check has multipost units and several types of indicator support brackets. You can use as many as six dial indicators on a single Econo-Check unit.

To increase the effectiveness of Econo-Check, basic fixtures, such as parallels, angle plates, platens and positioning fixtures were designed. Each is adjustable. Each is drilled and tapped for easy attachment.

This combination of interrelated “Building Blocks”, coupled with the creative planning of the user, results in quick set-ups for an infinite variety of checking situations.

Remember, Econo-Check fixtures do not have to be amortized on a single job. They are adjustable and can be used time and time again.

We are looking forward to our next opportunity to service you.

The Wm. L. Rigs Co., Inc.

Dial Gauge Stands

Visit our Dial Gauge Stands and other measurement tools ECONO CHECK Instant Gauging Fixtures for Multiple Checking of Machined Parts.

Flange Spreaders

Flange spreaders are tools for easily ands safely opening flanges. Please have a look at them at or other website at www.flangespreader.com or view them on our Flange Spreaders page.

What is Econo Check?

Econo Check comparator stand and surface plate indicators by WM. L. Riggs Company, Inc. These tools are for measuring blind whole depths, concentricity, lengths, diameters, and shoulder lengths. Our Econo Check line incorporates interchangeable gages, stands, supports, brackets, platens, indicators, posts, and more. To order, please see the contact page.



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ECONO-CHECK Basic Gaging Fixtures are now available as “off the sheif” items. No need to tie up your tool room facilities to make similar basic fixtures – No necessity for costly delays.

ECONO-CHECK Fixtures include Base Plates, Upright Posts, Indicator Support Brackets, Parallels, 90º Angels, Platens, V-Blocks. ECONO-CHECK Fixtures are adjustable for wide range of applications. Can accommodate infinite variety of shapes and sizes of “machined parts” to be gaged. All fixtures are drilled and tapped – Makes accessory attachment easy.

Important, too, ECONO-CHECK Fixtures are inexpensive. May be economically re machined for special applications. Photograph or record an ECONO-CHECK Set-Up for checking a production part: file the set-up for a future production run – ten use these same gaging fixtures on other jobs. This saves you money on inspection costs. Keep a supply of Econo-Check Gaging Fixtures in your tool crib for any immediate inspection need.

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