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Also Thread Gages, Precision Tools And Torque Wrenches.

Econo Check


Econo Check precision measuring tools are gage stands with solid cast iron bases. We sell gages, stands, bases and additional components. Please browse or product page to read and see more.

The Econo Check brand is owned by W.L.Riggs Co.

Gaging Fixtures & Components


Our Econo Check gages are for precision measurements from singe to multiple checking. We have a huge supply of measurement gages. You can view more in our product page.

Econo Check® offers great deals on precision measuring tools! Family run business since 1947, W.L.Riggs Co. is a leading provider of Safety Boy and Econo Check precision measuring tools.

Econo Check®
Our precision industrial measuring tools are perfect for measuring blind whole depths, concentricity, lengths, diameters, and shoulder lengths. In our selection, you'll find all kinds of interchangeable parts to suit your specific measuring requirements.


We build:

Granit Surface Plates

Comparator Bases

Flange Spreader Tools

Comparator Stands

Safety Boy

Thread Gages

Precision Tools

Torque Wrenches

Calibration Of Torque Wrenches

Gage Fixtures

Dial Comparators

Indicator Stands

Granit Indicator Stands


We also sell:

Brown & Sharp


Stanley Proto Tools

CDI Torque Wrenches


Safety Boy and Econo Check offers repairs on most precision measuring tools. We offer repairs on all of our tools and most other perdition tools as well. Stop in today or call us for live price quotes!


Flange Spreaders


Flange spreaders are tools for easily ands safely opening flanges. Please have a look at them at or other website at www.flangespreader.com or view them on our Flange Spreaders page.


Since 1947, William L. Riggs Company has been producing American-made industrial equipment for many clients. We have everything from 4 different flange spreaders to several models of gauge fixtures to greatly improve your industrial process!

High-quality industrial measuring devices from our Tulsa, Oklahoma, company allow for more efficiency within your complex. We back everything we sell with our more than 50 years of combined experience.